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IRMMa Risk Calculator - User Guide

This website is a tool to calculate risks according to an individual's characteristics. The Attribute Form is the set of features used to calculate multistate/treatment risks. Age (Demographics), ISS, and Induction (Phase 1) (Therapy) are mandatory fields. Please select them in the section to the left by clicking one of the section drop-downs. If there is no selection on IGH-Translocations or Genomics, the default is NA. When you have completed your selections, press the Submit button. Of note, the minimum number of cases to make a prediction is 1.

Once submitted, IRMMa calculates risks and the following is displayed:

  1. State Risk - Multistate risks from start of P1 up until 5 years.
  2. Treatment-Adjusted Risk - Risk of POD or death at 5 years based on selected and alternative first-line treatment combinations and P2 treatments, MAINT/CONT.TREAT and HDM-ASCT.


IRMMa - Individualized Risk Model for Myeloma.
MAINT/CONT.TREAT (M.C.T.) - Maintenance or continuous treatment (Defined as either maintenance therapy continuing after induction or a treatment lasting more than 12 monthsi, Palumbo et al. JCO 2015).
CHEMO - Any chemotherapy regiment received except high-dose melphalan. This includes cyclophosphamide, low-dose melphalan, or any platinum-based chemotherapy.
HDM-ASCT - High-dose melphalan followed by autologous stem cell transplantation.
Induction, Phase 1 (P1) - Induction treatment within 1 year.
Post-Induction, Phase 2 (P2) - Addition of HDM-ASCT and/or MAINT/CONT.TREAT or neither upon completion of P1 (without POD).
POD - Progression of Disease.
Probability of being alive - Probability of [Alive in P1 + Alive after POD (P1) + Alive in P2 + Alive after POD (P2)].
Probability of POD - Probability of [Alive after POD (P1) + Alive after POD (P2) + Death after POD (P1) + Death after POD (P2)].
Risk of POD and/or deceased - Probability of [Alive in P1 + Alive after POD (P1) + Death after POD (P1) + Death in P2 + Alive after POD (P2) + Death after POD (P2)].

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